With the mobile home through Europe

Germany - Austria - Slovakia - Slovenia - Italy - San Marino

Especially in times of travel restrictions (such as Corona) and uncertainties, a vacation in a camper can be the perfect alternative. Because with a camper you are incredibly flexible and can quickly reschedule. In addition, you have your own little protected area that you can call "home" for a certain time. Which can be an advantage especially on longer trips, if you don't have to travel from hotel room to motel room, but to always have your own "apartment" with you.


For this reason, we have put together the most beautiful travel destinations with the camper in Europe.


Sounds interesting? Well then: have fun browsing our Europe travel route!

In the map on the left you can see all our stops during our Europe trip. For orientation we have created the following clusters:


  • Austria (10 days)

  • Slovakia (7 days)

  • Slovenia (10 days)

  • Italy / San Marino (14 days)

  • Germany (3 days)


You can find a detailed packing list for your camping trip here .

10 days with the camper through Austria


Faraway so close! For camping beginners in particular, it certainly makes sense to gain their first experience in the immediate vicinity. Our first route was therefore relatively short (to "get used to" in the new vehicle): we went to Lake Wolfgang in Austria. We have summarized all of our other destinations in Austria in one article for you - just click the button below.

7 days camping adventure in Slovakia


If you are a nature fan, you will get your money's worth in Slovakia: lots of forests, lakes and streams, mountains, exciting and daring hiking routes, wild bears and traditional home-style cooking make this country a special highlight and our secret favorite during our tour through Europe.

10 days of nature, culture and the sea in Slovenia


Slovenia is no longer an insider tip, but a stay in this wonderful country is still worthwhile. Castles, waterfalls or lakes - Slovenia has a lot to offer. If you like to eat good, fresh fish or want to swim in the sea, you should definitely plan a stop on the Slovenian coast.

14 days of Mediterranean flair, city trips and impressive buildings in Italy and San Marino


Visit Rome, Venice or Florence with a camper? This works out! ...but of course, sun, beach and sea as well as nature and culture should not be neglected in Bella Italia. In our 14 days in Italy and San Marino we saw a good mix of everything.

3 days of pure nature in the Berchtesgadener Land in Germany


At the end of our camping trip, we spent three more days in Berchtesgarden in the south of Germany. There are countless beautiful spots here - we picked one of them.

What is the true cost of touring Europe in a motorhome?


What costs can you expect for a trip with the motorhome? Of course, this is an absolutely legitimate question to ask yourself before going on a trip. In our article we give you an assessment.

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